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Behind Burna Boy’s extravagant looks: Ronami the aesthetic stylist

Behind Burna Boy’s extravagant looks: Ronami the aesthetic stylist

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Burnaboy’s high taste in fashion have always been a thing of question, a mystery for most of his lovers, as to who was behind his sumptuous looks.

Damini Ogulu popularly known as Burnaboy is well recognized for his distinct fashion sense, the style which is taking a leading role in the African Fashion Scene. The awards winning Afro-fusion singer, Burnaboy have many times been commended for his outlandish looks, as also featured on GQ Style magazine, and his numerous profiling on Vogue.

Not so many credits have been given to the brain behind this style. Ronami Ogulu, the aesthetic fashion stylist, have been the creative mind putting things together, making statements out of Burnaboy’s outfits.

Ronami, Burnaboy’s sister have played a huge role in developing his imagery, as well as making him into a fashion icon. The journey which started sometimes ago, when Ronami returned home with a Versace shirt she got from South Wales. The apparel which Burnaboy immediately fell in love with.

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Ronami have shared many pictures of her styling Burnaboy via her instagram, with different captions, including her collaboration with Burnaboy’s new fashion line. As mentioned on Promo News TV, Ronami was in charge of the wardrobe for Burnaboy’s video, Monsters You Made featuring Chris Martin.

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