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Diego Maradona dies at age 60

Diego Maradona dies at age 60

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Argentine legend Diego Maradona died of cardiac arrest.

The 60 yr old was just discharged from the hospital after he had undergone a surgery as regards the blot clot in his brain.

According to reports, he had an heart attack in his home which led to his death. He died today, Wednesday which makes it two weeks after he left the hospital.

Diego Maradona was famous for his ‘hand of God’ which saw england out of the 1986 world cup and his brilliance later help argentina win the world cup in that year.

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He played club football for Boca Juniors, Napoli and Barcelona. 

The news of his death was confirmed his lawyer and people from all around the world have started paying their respect to one of the best to ever grave the world of football.

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