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Drake shares new adorable photos of son ‘Adonis’

Drake shares new adorable photos of son ‘Adonis’

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  • Drake shares new loved up photos of himself cuddling with son.

Drake a.k.a Champagne Papi just shared a rare photo of himself cuddling his son “Adonis Graham”. The adorable photos which immediately went viral through the weekend, and has got so many of his fans drooling all over.

The 3 years old ‘Adonis Graham’, was the son Drake had with Sophie Brussaux. Drake had earlier shared his photo in October, a picture taken from his birthday, which shows silver balloons with the caption “Young Stunna” written on it.

Later in September, Drake posted the picture of his toddler’s first day at school. He captioned it with “The World is Yours kid,”.

Including his father’s day shot,

Earlier this year, before the pandemic, Drake had posted some inspirational quotes on instagram, accompanied with the photos of his son. The caption which states:

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“What is most important for you right now is to connect to your own inner light,”

“This will create the biggest opening of all. Trust that you have all of the power within to make this happen, and in order to do that connect to the people and things that bring you a lot of joy…Remember that you are never alone, and if you need to be reminded of that ask for support and it will show up. Everything comes down to intention, and even though there are conflicting energies circling around us you must KNOW…It will rebuild. But in order for that to happen, you have to do exactly that. Trust. You have the biggest heart and that is your greatest gift. It’s impossible to always control your surroundings, but when you shift the focus to how you want to feel, everything will conspire to assist you. I love and miss my beautiful family and friends and I can’t wait for the joyful day when we are all able to reunite. Until then please keep your lights on.” – he stated further.

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