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Instagram Is Working Hard To Make You Stuck To It’s App

Instagram Is Working Hard To Make You Stuck To It’s App

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  • Was once concerned with our well being, the world's most popular photography app is now a countless thing.

With Instagram rolling out new features everyday, the Company has now announced the redesigning of it’s Guides Feature in a new update made on the official blog. The Guide feature which was initially built to offer self care advice has now been extended to point you to more posts, new places, products and more people.

Instagram is working hard on its user experience, bringing in new features and modifying major functionalities day by day. On top of which it also announced the redevelopment of it’s Search algorithms, which is said to fine tune the major browsing experience.

Redesigned Guide feature (image via: Instagram Blog)

The redesigned Guides will now be laid out like tap-through stories, only that it comes it an obviously aligned caption which can be used to direct users easily to articles linked to the said story.

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There’s no prediction to what features Instagram might decide to launch next, since it’s has been acquired by Facebook. It has recently changed it’s public API, merged it’s Instagram Direct with Messenger, rolled out the new Insta reel (which is almost a direct clone of Tik-Tok). It is obvious that Instagram will stop at nothing to make us stuck it’s app, trying it’s possible best to make users spend more time browsing the app.

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