King Von Owned All His Royalties, Proceeds From His Music Will Go To His Family – Says Manager

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  • A bad time for the family of the late American Rapper "King Von", how was his business handled.

King Von’s manager, Track had spoken during an interview with DJ Akademiks, explaining that the 26 year-old rapper wasn’t officially signed to any record label, and hasn’t sold any of his publishing. Thus, owning every royalties from his music. King Von’s manager, Track has gone further to say that, the Chicago native was a blessing from God as his Family will be financially okay for the rest of their lives.

The late rapper, Von who met his untimely death at the age of 26 in a shooting at chicago was the father of two kids. A breadwinner for his family, which includes his Mother, Sisters and Brothers.

Before this death, Von and his business was in a good shape. So, Track and the rest of the management team will be able to set up trust funds for his Family.

“As a team, our number one focus is to make sure that his immediate family is taken care of. His mom. You know, his sisters, his brothers. Von had two kids,”

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Track explained.

“Just making sure they got a trust. Trust funds. Whatever income.”

Although, Von had just debuted his recent project, the “Welcome To O-Block” Album which was released at the end of October. Track confirmed that Von still had enough music in stash for at least to more two projects. All songs which will be a tribute to his memories.

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