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Lewis Hamilton excited over Queen’s award

Lewis Hamilton excited over Queen’s award

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Formular one champion Lewis hamilton has expressed his excitement on him being shortlisted for the knighthood award saying, ‘there is no greater honor.

The 35 year old is shortlisted for the queen’s award after an incredible record of him becoming a seventh time world champion.

England’s prime minister Boris johnson has also intervened to ensure that he receives the title ‘Sir Lewis’.

Hamilton speaking to reporters ahead of Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix, Hamilton said: ‘I would never turn down the royal family. I grew up in the UK and am an avid fan. 

‘There is no greater honour than your country recognising you and honouring you with such an award.

‘It is surreal to hear your name discussed when there is so much going on — that they can take a moment to acknowledge the work I have done.’ 

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Hamilton is hoping to finish the season on a high note as he aims for victory in his races in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

Speaking ahead of his race he said: ‘The seventh world title hasn’t sunk in yet, probably because we are still racing and I have one eye on the job.

‘I have had a lot of messages but have just switched off. It’s bad in a sense, and I am trying to catch up now.’

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