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Mayweather: “Tokyo, Japan, I’m coming back, in 2021.

Mayweather: “Tokyo, Japan, I’m coming back, in 2021.

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Light weight boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather is coming out of retirement to engage in a boxing match for the coming olympics in japan which is scheduled for 2021.

His opponent for the boxing feud is not yet known as he express anxiousness to know the kind of opponent he will be facing in the tournament.

Mayweather will fight on an MMA fight card in which his promoters call “MEGA 2021”

Speaking in a press conference, He said: “Tokyo, Japan, I’m coming back, in 2021.

“I know the Olympics is in Japan in 2021, but me, myself, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and my team will be doing something big in Tokyo Dome … Japan, I’m on my way.”

“Japan is one of the most wonderful countries in the world. Tokyo is also a wonderful city. I want to entertain Japanese people.

“The last time I performed in Japan, I didn’t practice that much. I want to prepare well this time.

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“I would like to thank all the Japanese fans and Tokyo fans. Thank you for remembering me.

“I have no idea what kind of opponent I am [facing] now. I’m looking forward to going to Tokyo anyway.

“It’s a place where great games have been organised, so I just want to go to Japan to entertain Japanese fans.”

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