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Nike’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “Signal Blue” Out Soon: Photos

Nike’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “Signal Blue” Out Soon: Photos

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  • This mind captivating Air Jordan 1 Mid colorway is probably the sneakers you'll need.

There have been lots of commentaries from the lovers of Air Jordan 1 when it comes to the vibrant selection of it’s unique colorways from way back. So much that at the sight of an Air Jordan 1, you immediately think of the High OG, the mind captivating sneakers which had been so many people’s favorite. With numerous silhouettes available for the Air Jordan 1, the brand is working really hard to craft out new vibrant colorways, ones that are more cost effective.

The “Signal Blue” model, which is the latest color to be released to the Air Jordan 1 Mid collection comes equipped with patent leather, making it a perfect mix for those looking for something vibrant.

From the images below, officially released by Nike, it shows how the blue overlays are strapped with black outlines, blending perfectly with the black swoosh mark, while getting highlighted with a white base careful sewn with white tiny tread lines.

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Although the official release date has not been announced yet, this adorable sneakers is rumoured to cost around $115 USD within the first months of release.

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