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Supreme Streetwear Founder Speaks On The Brand’s Beginning And Inspirations

Supreme Streetwear Founder Speaks On The Brand’s Beginning And Inspirations

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It’s essential to know that the Supreme brand is not just a Streetwear, it is a very important element in culture and a way of life; as refered to by its hype fans.

James Jebbia, the founder of Supreme brand which have recently been sold to Vf Corporation (the parent owners of Vans, The North Face, The Timberland Company, VF Outlet, Inc and more) gives clear details to what his inspirations were and how to the streetwear brand got started.

OG Supreme Team, Mike, Justin, Ryan, Peter, Gio, Jones 📷 @shadinyc

In GQ’s totally rare interview with James Jebbia by Noah Johnson, a detailed insight was to his motives were given. When the brand launched, its first official debut coincided with the first appearance of the iconic Kids movie, both whose motives were to shape new rebels and outliers.

“The reason that we do things the way we do is because we respect the customer,”

Jebba said

Kids writer, Harmony Korine, went on to recall the influence for the team in their early days as being more comparable to a “raw” hangout than a traditional business, with Jebbia pointing that “true skaters” were the most frequent customers to the original New York site.

“They would wear cool shit; they wouldn’t wear skate clothes,”.

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he further elaborated

“It would be Polo, it would be a Gucci belt, it would be Champion. We made what we really liked. And it kind of was a gradual thing. From a few tees, a few sweats, a pair of cargo pants, a backpack. But the influence was definitely the young skaters in New York.”

Jebbia also pointed to Japan and London as influential geographic locations. When it came to noting specific brands as a source of influence, Jebbia was quick to mention that Helmut Lang was “really important, personally” at the time to him. Nowadays, Jebbia and the brand are said to be inspired by the “open-mindedness of young people,” saying how they’re “not stuck in a box.”

You can read further on the GQ article here if you are willing to know about Noah Johnson’s interview with Jebbia James.

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