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Tiwa Savage fires back at Journalist who says her career is failing

Tiwa Savage fires back at Journalist who says her career is failing

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On Sunday 29 November, an editor from Pulse Nigeria named Motolani Alake, published an article with words which Tiwa Savage tags as raunchy remarks. As the editor publicly declares Tiwa Savage’s music a “failing career”.

Motolani Alake @onemotolani wrote on Sunday, remarking that

“Quality and greatness don’t need a megaphone.”

The editor who is now under fire has accused Tiwa Savage of “Mungo parking”. Stating that the term Mungo parking is an act of gentrifying, tokenizing and renaming or repurposing existing African pop culture concepts into what they are not. Usually, this is based on agenda, paid promotion, misinformation and/or ignorance by foreign media.

Motolani further remarks that Tiwa Savage’s obsession with foreign media has affected her brand. Condemning the fact that Tiwa Savage’s album “Celia” was named one of the top 10 albums of the year, by Marc Beinoff’s Time Magazine.

“Foreign media is the worst ground of reliable information on African artists.”

he stated

“The problem with foreign media coverage of Nigerian music is that it’s either paid, agenda-based or a product of heavy misinformation by well-meaning yet ignorant foreign journalists.”

He stated further.

However, Tiwa Savage has taken to her official twitter page to fireback at these unpleasant remarks as she tagged it. She has also shaded the author and the media company ‘Pulse Nigeria’, claiming that her son Jamal has bagged more money than the whole company.

She further reminded him of his first encounter with her, In an interview which took place at her house, while she claimed he begged her to take a picture with him.

A fan also reacted to Motolani’s remarks, as he was advised to settle whatever fuss he has with the Afropop Queen, instead of his unpleasant muckraking.

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