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Break Dancing is now officially an Olympic sport

Break Dancing is now officially an Olympic sport

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Break Dancing also known as Breaking, which originated from New York in the early 1970s owes it’s Origin to the Black Culture. The artistic expression which was created by African American and Latino American youths.

After long hype of breakdance in Pop Culture, fast rising among the Hip hop and rap music loving community. Breaking or Break Dancing gained mainstream popularity in the 1980s, in China, Brazil, South Korea, wild and spreading across the world.

Tenor/Youth Olympics

The International Olympic committee has added Break Dancing officially to the medal events program for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The activities which will be termed “Breaking”.

The term “Breaking” was culled by B-Boys/B-Girls or Dancers at hip-hop’s first parties in Bronx in the 1970s, named after the “breaks” that hip-hop DJs would loop from popular disco and funk tracks, fused with isolated drum parts ideal for dancing.

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With the aim to make Olympic Sports more Urban, Break Dancing was added to the Olympic Games not as a sport, but as an artistic expression. Along with other activities such as skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing. An effort made to draw sports nearer to the new generation.

According to statements made by the International Olympics Committee. President Thomas Bach described this motives as making the Games “more gender-balanced, more youthful and more urban.”

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