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Chance The Rapper in $3 million lawsuit by former manager

Chance The Rapper in $3 million lawsuit by former manager

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Pat Corcoran, Chance The Rapper’s former manager has dragged him to court for a $3 million dollars damage. Chance The Rapper was sued for breach of contract, violation of the Illinois Sales Representative Act and unjust enrichment as claimed by the former manager.

Pat Corcoran claims that Chance blamed him for the tepid reception of his “A Big Day” album, after his professional recommendation was ignored. Pat was fired in April 2020 as Chance The Rapper’s manager, after numbers of successful management for 8 years, under which Chance was credited a Grammy award for ‘Best New Artist’, and three acclaimed solo mixtapes.

The case which was confirmed in documents acquired by Court House News, highlights Pat Corcoran’s suit. The suit which detailed the events to which Chance The Rapper’s “The Big Day” album was released.

Pat Corcoran claims that Chance The Rapper had no professional consultation with him, before disclosing the release of his A Big Day album, which had not been recorded at that time. As Chance’s scheduled married will also be a hindrance to the creation of the said album.

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As announced by Chance, the cancellation of the album tour,

“I’m gonna take this time to be with family, make some new music and develop my best show to date.”

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In the statement made by the suit, Pat Corcoran claims that the recording sessions for The Big Day album were “unproductive and undisciplined,” with the album itself being a “freestyle-driven product of sub-part quality.” The album had lukewarm receptions, resulting in the cancellation of the tour behind The Big Day album due to “low ticket sales and poor attendance projections.”

Pat Corcoran’s appointment was terminated on 27th of April 2020. While Pat claims that Chance still owes him a $3 million sum, or 15% of Chance’s net income. As the court investigation proceeds, Hypeberg™ promises to report the digest out come of the court case. Sign up to our newsletter below to keep in touch with story.

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