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Covid-19:Gary neville believes it is ‘nonsense’ if the premier league is stopped

Covid-19:Gary neville believes it is ‘nonsense’ if the premier league is stopped

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Former manchester united player Gary Neville said it is ‘nonsense’ if football is stopped due to tougher restrictions measures in the UK.

During the first lockdown in england, the Premier League was halted for three month, within the period of March to June.

However due to higher number of infections in the UK, more tougher restrictions is set to be implemented.

Speaking in an interview he said: ‘I was a little bit nervous in lockdown about it coming back in the first instance.

‘I didn’t feel we knew enough about what was going on.

‘But a big, massive well done to the Premier League for the way in which they’ve conducted a safe return.

‘It’s a nonsense now if football is ever suggested to be stopped.

‘A number of players have had it (coronavirus), but football must continue. If you see construction, manufacturing… the shops are still open.’

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‘That first lockdown was harsh. There was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about the virus at the time, it was something brand new in everyone’s lives.’

‘The idea that football came back was a release for people.’

‘Those first two or three weeks I was worried about the quality and speed of the games, because they were nowhere near the level of fitness you’d expect from them.

‘There was a period when it got really good and the games have been good this season.’

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