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Drake shares a stunning LEGO miniature of his Toronto Mansion

Drake shares a stunning LEGO miniature of his Toronto Mansion

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  • Drake has shared a crazy LEGO Replica Of His Toronto Manor, stunning his fans with the details.

While the extravagant sense of spending of Drake is currently the topic for most of his fans. The Lover boy crooner has hinted a new perspective to his exotic taste.

Drake has ordered for a miniature replica of his Toronto Estate. The eye popping 2 stories manor, situated in his Toronto home town, initially designed by designer Ferris Rafauli.

Drake has hinted his playful aesthetic sensibility, when he shared a picture of the miniature replica of his estate. A painstaking birds eye view shot of the Mansion with details to it’s environment. This miniature is more impressive to behold, as it is made entirely of LEGO.

While Drake shared the image on his Instagram story moments ago, a lot of his fans have been in awe to see a LEGO of such details, compared to the actual look of the mansion itself.

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The insane LEGO must have been built by a crafty LEGO builder, as it featured the actual environment of the building itself. Featuring several cars parked in the driveway, the pool in his backyard along with details to the tanning beds, the lounge area and the roof with a helipad.

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