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“I don’t feel like a rap legend” Eminem speaks on influence

“I don’t feel like a rap legend” Eminem speaks on influence

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The legendary American Rapper, Eminem has spoken on his influence on the millennial. Declaring that he doesn’t in anyway feel the way the other rap legends feel in their time. He doesn’t feel like the great music he had done today.

Eminem took the chance to express his motions on the music of today, in a discussion with Zane Lowe, during the Apple Music ‘At Home With’ interview series.

During the interview, Eminem clarified his stances on been categorized among the list of the greatest rappers in history. Making known how it feels to be him in the music world of today, “He doesn’t feel anything like it.” Infact, Eminem still thinks he his not influential enough.

“I know I’ve been around for a minute, but I don’t feel like honestly, in my heart of hearts, I don’t feel like anything I did, anything I’ve done up to this point is more influential than they were to their era,”

he said

“To me, I will never mean more than they meant to their era.”

Eminem also opened up on how great he feels the other rap legends are, to a high esteem.

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“And that, man, a lot of times people, when they ask me what my top favorite rappers are, I don’t even know how to answer that, because there’s so many rappers that have been so great and still are great.”

He said

“And by the way, I think Rakim probably is still great. I haven’t heard anything he’s working on lately, but I guarantee you he ain’t lost that shit, because that kind of shit don’t go away. It just doesn’t.”

he concluded

Watch the full interview of Zane Lowe with Eminem, on Apple Music’s “At Home With” series below.

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