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Juice WRLD’S girlfriend shares two letters he wrote before death

Juice WRLD’S girlfriend shares two letters he wrote before death

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The memories of the multiplatinum album selling artist, Juice WRLD was celebrated last week Wednesday, the 2nd of December. A day which was supposed to be his 22nd birthday anniversary, was used to mark his remembrance by his fans and folks.

Juice WRLD died as a result of his drug overdose, exactly a week after his birthday. However, today marks a year since the death of the Iconic Chicago rapper.

Juice died from a seizure, while in Chicago’s Midway International Airport, after landing a private flight from California on Dec. 8. He was however diagnosed a drug overdose by the Cook County Medical Examiner. His death was marked an accident, with findings that he died “as a result of oxycodone and codeine toxicity.”

Some of this memories still remains painful, as his death was a reflection of the intoxicated pain he had fused into his music long before his death. A direct example of his break out platinum single “Lucid Dreams”. The song which spoke more about the cryptic life and death of the legendary Chicago MC.

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Juice WRLD had always credited the efforts of the people around him, for making his career a huge success. One of which includes his girlfriend, Ally Lotti who shared two exclusive letters she had received months before his death, to which Juice personally expressed himself in.

As reported by XXL magazine, Ally Lotti said Juice hid the letters in her wallet. The exclusive letters which she never discovered, until she was about to pay for a dress she bought for Juice’s funeral.

© Ally Lotti

Ally presented the contents from the first letter, containing affectionate messages which Juice used to describe how Ally was his world, it states:

““You are: my sanity, my safe haven, my first and last true love, my BFF, my home… You are my everything.”

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The second letter, which Juice used to describe how Ally had supported him. Juice mentioned the fact that Ally Lotti fixed him when he was long broken without repairs.

“I’ve been broken 4 so long without repair, You fixed me permanently… So I cannot let you out my [sight]. You are my [umbrella] when it’s raining, you keep me dry from my own tears and the tears of the world.”

the letter reads

Juice WRLD’s songs still speaks of his memories as fresh as today, a true Legend in his craft. His posthumous album “Legends Never Die” was a platinum record. With different projects still racking up Charts till date.

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