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Pop Smoke’s new posthumous video ‘What You Know Bout Love’ is Soulful

Pop Smoke’s new posthumous video ‘What You Know Bout Love’ is Soulful

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The late iconic American Rapper, Pop Smoke shines in new posthumous music video for his previous single, “What You Know Bout Love.” A direct visualization of his soul.

Pop Smoke’s music video for ‘What You Know Bout Love’ made it’s posthumous debut on Wednesday, December 23, 2020. The video which was directed by Oliver Cannon, showcased the late rapper in great times with family and his precious moments with friends. Including his soul lifting behind the scenes performances, vibes filled studio sessions, and Tik Tok videos from his fans. This is a great tribute to the memories of the late Pop Smoke.

The song ‘What You Know Bout Love’ was released as part of the posthumous album debut “Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon,” after his death during a home invasion earlier in February this year, 2020.

Attesting the evergreen legacies of Pop Smoke, Nick Cannon ended the music video with Pop Smoke’s speech on a plane. A Soulful and inspirational quote which says,

“I don’t know who needs to hear this bro, but don’t let nobody ever tell you you can’t do nothing,”

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he said

“Whatever you wanna do, just f—ing do it. Don’t look back.”

Watch the posthumous ‘What You Know Bout Love’ music video below.

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