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How Rema’s “Peace Of Mind” is secretly speaking the feelings of Nigerian Youths

How Rema’s “Peace Of Mind” is secretly speaking the feelings of Nigerian Youths

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Divine Okwubor, popularly known as Rema recently announced the release of his new Afrobeats driven song “Peace Of Mind”. The award-winning artist currently signed to Mavins Records, is indirectly speaking for the hidden emotions of many Nigerian Youths, with cryptic lyrics.

Rema’s Peace Of Mind has gotten a huge reception since it’s release, as it’s slowly creeping up to the natural voice of average Nigerians. Finding the voice from deep within, Rema penned his emotions into ambiguous lyrics, the song mostly relatable by Nigerians as it connects to many hidden feelings.

Rema started the song with the intro:

“I’m looking for some peace of mind (x 3), Blow up some trees tonight”

This explains why so many Nigerians seek comfort by all means, in different places, after the Government had failed to come to their aid. It’s said that Nigerians are found everywhere in the world, surprisingly doing well or otherwise, many retired to drugs. (Blow up some trees tonight, which indirectly means “Smoke some weed tonight”).

Rema went further into expressing this feelings, as he mentions the (unencouraging) excessive drinking habits that comes after the traumatic experiences most Nigerians face.

“One bottle Schnapp to cure my craze (x2), You no fit dey this country wey you no dey craze,”

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He included the endless violent activities that is savaging the country, a major blur to the visions of many academically oriented youths.

“Gunshot no let me meditate, Hypertension full the place”

There are countless meaning to the crafty lyrics of Peace Of Mind. The song which is regarded another successive hit song by Rema. It’s no surprise, how many people had unconsciously fell in love with the song, credits to the very relatable humors found in it.

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