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The North Face x Gucci: Technical meets the Aesthetical

The North Face x Gucci: Technical meets the Aesthetical

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Gucci is joining forces with The North Face, bringing in new innovative artistic Fashion items. One of the biggest and highly anticipated collaborations this year, possibly the biggest in the year to come.

With the 70s aesthetic perspectives of Alessandro Michele, the Creative Director of Gucci, and the creditable technicality of Michele of The North Face. A fusion of eclectic fashion items is crafted. A collection of highly covetable puffer jackets, fine finished jumpsuits and gender neutral hiking boots.

The North Face x Gucci partnership was first teased in September, bringing a whole lot of anticipation with it. This is the first time both brands will collaborate for a co-branded collection.

This collaboration is the fusion of the best of both parties. A showcase of what they both do best. As the vintage chain signatures of Gucci is fused/printed on the popular technical padded vests of The North Face. The iconic symmetrical semicircle of The North Face logo which represented the famous Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, is perfectly aligned with the Gucci red and green emblem, this is where Technical meets the Aesthetical.

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While this highly covetable items is being anticipated, the co-branded collection is scheduled for release next year, January 6, 2021. Making it’s debut in stores exclusively.

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