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Who is “Jo Pearl” Burna Boy’s rumoured Girlfriend

Who is “Jo Pearl” Burna Boy’s rumoured Girlfriend

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Burna Boy have been suffering a lot of backlashes recently, when a lady claims to have been in romantic relationship with the Afro-fusion Star.

A lady called ‘Jo Pearl’ @_jopearl posted a video on her instagram page on December 1st, claiming to have been in a secret romantic relationship with Burna Boy for 2 years. Bursting the bubbles of Stefflon Don lovers, the video immediately went viral.

Although the video didn’t feature much details of her personality. Jo Pearl went into details of her relationship with Burna Boy in a 15 minutes long video. She said her secret romantic relationship with Burna Boy, which has lasted for 2 years is beginning to affect her mental health.

“It’s affected me in so many ways and I just can’t hold it in anymore, to protect people who probably wouldn’t protect me if the roles were reversed,”

she said in the viral video.

The U.K based lady claims Burna Boy would discuss marriage and kids with him, while she stayed at his apartment in the U.K. She also said her reaction to Burna Boy and Stefflon Don’s dating was minimal. Although, she was a bit traumatized when she first learned about it in January 2019, it all seems to be a publicity stunt.

“Long story short for the past two years we’ve never stopped seeing each other, it’s just been an elephant in the room that we chose not to discuss and we just go about things like it doesn’t exist,”

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she said

Even though Burna Boy is yet to make a statement to her allegations, Jo Pearls further explained that she first met Burna Boy at his pop-up event. Where she claims Burna Boy described the chemistry between them as a “Love at first sight”.


Jo Pearl is a 23 years old U.K. based entrepreneur, from London. Who is the founder of “Snatched By Jo Pearl” waist trainer company. A Bachelor of Science holder in Psychology, who graduated in 2018.

Jo Pearl has a large fan base of more than 41,000 followers on instagram, with the handle @_jopearl. You can find more about her here.

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