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Wizkid Opens up on his career, life and more in conversation with Naomi Campbell

Wizkid Opens up on his career, life and more in conversation with Naomi Campbell

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After the release of the long awaited studio project, “Made In Lagos.” Ayo Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid joined the supermodel and online personality, Naomi Campbell in a conversation, speaking about his career, life, awards and more.

The Starboy Records founder, Wizkid was featured in the “No Filter With Naomi” series, covering exclusive stories about the progression of his career and life. The discussion which also highlights the inspiration behind his “Made In Lagos” album.

During the discussion, Wizkid made clear his opinion on awards and nomination. He mentioned that, according to him, awards doesn’t define an artist. Stating that awards are shows simply organized by some set of people.

He further elaborated that, this doesn’t and it shouldn’t define how how great an artist is. With more conviction, Wizkid stated that he is more interested in making good music for his people. The feeling which he described as a more awarding experience.

“I am not a big fan of awards, i have been very vocal about it. It doesn’t define who you are, it doesn’t define your substance. It doesn’t define how amazing you are at the end of the day.”

he said
Wizkid and Naomi Campbell

Further during the discussion, Wizkid made mention about his upbringing, and the inspiration behind “Made in Lagos”. He opened up on the fact that if not for his music career, he would likely be on the streets hustling, as he was brought up in a poor family. Music was his life changer.

“My parents aren’t wealthy. God blessed me to change the life of my family. If I wasn’t making music, I would be like every normal kid on the streets. Music definitely changed everything for me.”

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He also discussed how hard it is to be an upcoming artist in Nigeria, with every agency demanding money before any help could be rendered.

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“You have to grease some palms. I never do. I would never pay anyone to play my music but people do it. I don’t blame them that they do, there is so much music, you just want people to hear your stuff.”

he further elaborated

He explained that it doesn’t matter the record label an artist is signed to, or the kind of music they make, every artist need to struggle individually to get heard.

Watch the “No Filter With Naomi” show below.

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