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ASAP Rocky flaunts new Grills styled with real flowers

ASAP Rocky flaunts new Grills styled with real flowers

After the celebration of Yam$ day, a tribute to the late veteran Rapper “ASAP Yams” ASAP Rocky seems to have upped his game of ‘Grills’ and VVSes, as he flaunts a new natural pink and canary yellow diamonds gold grills embedded with real flowers.

ASAP Rocky first teased images of the grills in a photo he shared with Yam’s mother in instagram, with the Yam$day celebration was live. He captioned the photo,


While the Grills caught the attention of many of his fans, this significant real flowers embedded diamond grills seems to be designed by the Japanese designer, “Tetsuya Akiyama.” As he had also shared the images of his impressive craft, featuring the major preview of the diamond studded grills with real flowers inside.

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As a tribute to ASAP Yams, who died in 2015. Rocky also posted images of himself flaunting diamond studded figurine pendants of ASAP Yams and Jesus. The ASAP Mob group has commissioned a snippet release of new songs, and the celebration of the life and memories of the late ASAP Yams.

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