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Bobby Shmurda to be released next month – Mother confirms

Bobby Shmurda to be released next month – Mother confirms

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While so many of his fans are anticipating his release from the prison, the 26 years old Miami Rapper, Ackquille Jean Pollard popularly known as Bobby Shmurda have now been confirmed to be released next month.

Bobby Shmurda, who was signed unto Epic Records after his breakout single “Hot Nigga” peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2014, was arrested in 2014 for gang conspiracy, drugs and gun charges. Shmurda was sentenced to seven years in prison in Manhattan Supreme Court.

photo by Bebeto Matthews/AP

Following the release of Rowdy Rebel, sometimes last month. Bobby Shmurda‘s mother has shared a new post of the hopeful release of her son via her instagram page, as reports suggest that Shmurda could be released in February 23 based on a condition lease. Her instagram post quotes:

“I am counting down just wishing we could run straight to February right quick. The come back wil be Epic!!!”

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she wrote

“I can’t wait to hug my child it had been almost a year anxiety is getting the best of me.”

Bobby Shmurda’s Mother added

Hopefully we pray for his release, as we all can’t wait for the return of the Hot Nigga crooner.

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