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Crocs sales are skyrocketing during pandemic lockdown

Crocs sales are skyrocketing during pandemic lockdown

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While the world have been on pandemic lockdown for more than a year now, the Covid-19 era is reshaping fashion industries all around the world. While some businesses are the dying, the pandemic is giving life to new ones.

There have been major changes to our daily routines, since the pandemic lockdown started, as mostly everyone now stays at home. Thereby, giving historic alterations to our fashion sense.

According to Francesca Muston, the VP of fashion at the trend forecasting firm WGSN. Muston described the 2020 style trend as “Considered Comfort.” The style which she defined as “a trend which was centered around the home.”

“In particular, it examined the idea of the comfort we expect when we spend more time at home driven by flexible lifestyles and increased home convenience.”

she said

Given to the increase in demand for flexible lifestyles and home conveniences, indoor fashion wears are seeing a surge in sales. According to a new reports by Bloomberg, Crocs Inc. has reported it’s best annual sales ever.

“Revenue for 2020 will climb more than 12% to about $1.4 billion, a record high”

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– Crocs Inc.

“Our brand momentum is exceptional, and we anticipate another record year in 2021,”

CEO Andrew Rees Saif
Crocs with aesthetic pins

While Crocs Inc. is popularly known for it’s comfort based products, this is not an option for many who disliked the looks and considered it not fit for outdoors. Crocs are presumably built for the Covid-19 pandemic era, with new cool designs rolling out everyday and it’s sales ramping up each moment.

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