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Did Kim Kardashian just called Kanye West “messy”?

Did Kim Kardashian just called Kanye West “messy”?

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Following the initial break up between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, which is now awaiting divorce papers. Kanye West got into a messy verbal argument with Chance The Rapper, who seems to have made a friendly check up on him. But there’s more to that.

image of Kanye in verbal abuse with Kim (by Entertainment Tonight)

Just some hours after the video of Kanye West yelling at Chance surfaced online. Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself, with a caption which is coincidentally throwing jabs at Kanye. She shared the images of her captioned with;

“Don’t be messy”

And fans are really worried about that.

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While Kim Kardashian seems to be delaying her divorce papers with Kanye. It is reported that she is looking up to working things out with him. But no one knows the insights to the cryptic message “messy” she just shared on her instagram. Coincidentally or not, it seems like a jab at Kanye West’s mental health condition.

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