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Dj Scheme debuts “Buck 50” featuring Juice WRLD and Carlton

Dj Scheme debuts “Buck 50” featuring Juice WRLD and Carlton

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Dj Scheme has released the song with Juice WRLD and Carlton, “Buck 50.” Following the initial removal of the song from the “Family” album which made it’s official debut last month, due to rising controversies, Dj Scheme has finally dropped the highly anticipated song.

On his explanation to the reasons behind the removal of the song from the “Family” album. Dj Scheme explained that he fought extremely hard to savage the song’s appearance on the album, but it seems to be totally out of his control.

“… Sadly, ‘Buck 50’ won’t be on [Family], but it will be on the deluxe,”

DJ Scheme said

“It was out of my control. I fought extremely hard, gave up records … It’s still a great album.”

he added

Apparently, He has now released what he terms as the Family (Finished Edition). Adding to the deluxe version of the album, Dj Scheme has poured out his mind regarding the successful debut of the project regardless of the controversies.

“In all honesty, I never really wanted a deluxe because I can’t add to that part of my life,”

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he stated

“Now that ‘Buck 50’ is out and the album is complete, I can manifest new energy and focus on the future.”

Listen to the “Family” Deluxe version on Spotify below.

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