“I’ve been arrested 124 times in Peckham” Naira Marley

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Born Nigerian Peckham based rapper, Azeez Adeshina Fashola popularly known as Naira Marley. Currently the most notorious and controversial rapper in Nigeria, Naira Marley has come out to speak about his life of crime from where he grew up.

In a recent interview with Vice Magazine, Naira Marley spoke about his childhood, and what it feels like to grow up in South London, Peckham to be precise. Speaking about how hard it is to grow up as a member of a gang, the gang which is popularly known as the “No Mannaz Gang.”

“When I was growing up it was just gangs, it was just stabbings n’ killings, you know, no one cares bou’ nothing we just tryna break the law like…”

Naira said

“Kids, adults, everyone they went to jail you know, like it’s just trouble everywhere, you have to have it on you”

Naira Marley in Lagos

Naira Marley, who now has a massive followership in Nigeria, with a large number of diehard fanbase, who now refers to themselves as “Marlians” also hinted how his crime life started in Peckham. Speaking of his inevitable gangsterism, life in Peckham is a symbolism of hell on earth.

“It’s better to get caught with it, than get caught without it”

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he said

“But I think it’s people drawing me out that actually like, got me into it. You can’t keep asking me what am I looking at, I’m not gonna let you ask me that, especially in Peckham.”

What’s more interesting is Naira’s claims to have been arrested for over 124 times in his hometown, Peckham. The claims which has got so many fans wondering what he was into, was just a reiteration of his recent activities in Nigeria. Naira Marley is fast growing into an icon of menace. Basically everyone could sense trouble at the mention of his name in Nigeria, coupled with the outlawed behavior of his diehard followers, the “Marlians.”

“I wouldn’t say I was a Gangster, I am Gangster.”

He concluded.
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