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Joe Biden launches Streetwear apparel to “heal” the U.S

Joe Biden launches Streetwear apparel to “heal” the U.S

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The President-elect of the United States of America, Joe Biden have launched what seems to be a plausible or rather hilarious collection of apparels, which he intends to use to heal the U.S.

Joe Biden has teamed up with the Designer who was responsible for the creation of Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” merch, Joe Perez and Five other creative fashion designers to create the “Biden Harris” apparel for his inauguration.

Presidential Inaugural Committee
Presidential Inaugural Committee

As presented on the Presidential Inaugural Committee Official Website, the Joe Perez designed “Biden Harris” hoodie is priced at $105 among many other apparels listed. Earlier, Perez had released a set of tie-dye shirts for the campaign of Joe Biden. The apparel which said to have showcased a stylish, without being racist tepid progressivism of his legislative history.

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While many Trump supporters still believes the election was hijacked, Joe Biden is planning to heal the Nation from the crooked lies and the arrant propaganda Donald Trump have been feeding it with. Either ways, could an apparel be effective in healing a nation of such a large population with diverse ethics?

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