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Kanye West gets in heated argument with Chance The Rapper

Kanye West gets in heated argument with Chance The Rapper

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Kanye West’s enigmatic behavior of recent, due to his bipolar disorder, is getting out of hand. As he is seen screaming at Chance The Rapper who came in for a friendly check up on him.

In a new video which had surfaced on the internet recently. The video of Chance The Rapper’s visit to Kanye West in Wyoming, while Kanye West was rounding up his album project, the “Donda” EP. In the 30-seconds video shared by Damon Dash, Kanye was seen yelling profusely at Chance The Rapper who had made a friendly check up on him.

At first, no one knows the mystery behind the heated conversation, or what had sparked Kanye’s outburst. But Kanye seems to be instructing Chance to listen to the album he was working on or bleep off.

“Sit yo ass down and listen to the album or leave,”

Kanye yelled at some point

While Damon Dash was addressing the incident in a YouTube video when he later removed. He spoke about Chance’s friendly intentions on his visit to Kanye West. Chance The Rapper had visited Kanye to speak to him on his public struggles, before Kanye lashed out on him.

“Chance, because of what he was reading, he came through just to check Kanye,”

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he added

Damon Dash also revealed that Kanye West and Chance apparently sorted out their difference at the end. Both parties are in good terms.

“They got into it but they worked it out. At the end of the day, Chance is there just to be a friend.”

he added
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