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“Kiss My Airs” The new Nike Air Max 95 is unapologetic

“Kiss My Airs” The new Nike Air Max 95 is unapologetic

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Nike has come out bold in it’s new Air Max 95, with a new founded voice of unapologetic sovereignty. The tagline which speaks of it’s dominance as the world’s most recognized sports wear giant.

First snuck into it’s advertisements in 2017, written in bold fonts and vibrant colors, Nike has now come out to feature the “Kiss My Airs” tagline on it’s new Nike Air Max 95, in a provocative manner. Reiterating the symbolism of it’s brand, an icon of quality and power.

The new Nike Air Max 95 features a greyscale of textured leathers, aligned to form a gradient on it’s side layers. The leathers of variant colours, from grey to pitch black has more statements encoded in it, as it’s textures were also aligned from smooth to a rough safari-like texture.

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Holding up to it’s dark laces, with deep Air Max inscriptions on it’s tongue, the side layers flags a boldly written “Kiss My Airs” tag, underneath the vibrant green Nike swoosh.

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The Nike Air Max 95 which is scheduled for release this year 2021, would reportedly sell for $170, hopefully on the Nike official web store.

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