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Kobe Bryant’s Signature shoe “The Nike Kobe 6” is next

Kobe Bryant’s Signature shoe “The Nike Kobe 6” is next

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While the Nike Kobe 6 “All Star” sneakers is still one of the most recognized shoes in Kobe Bryant’s sneaker collection. The giant sportswear brand, Nike has proposed a new version of the Kobe 6 All Star.


The Kobe Bryant signature shoes have now been remodified into more effective performing sports shoes, with sold updates from the Nike’s ZoomX unit. Added to the creased upper coats, which was jagged with the “Mamba” themed texture materials. The Nike Kobe 6 “All-Star” gained popularity in a 2011 epic performance by Kobe Bryant.

The Nike Kobe 6 sneakers would be released in two colourways, Challenge Red and Black-White. To be released in the first quarter of the year, the sneakers is expected to sell for $180. See images of the sneakers in the gallery above.

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