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Oxlade speaks on biography: Growing up as an orphan, career and awards

Oxlade speaks on biography: Growing up as an orphan, career and awards

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Popular Nigerian Afrobeats singer, Abdulrahman Ikuforiji Olaitan, professional known as Oxlade have opened up on his biography and what it feels like growing up as an orphan, his academics and his career in music.

During a recent interview with BBC, the popular “Away” hit maker, Oxlade who is currently being nominated for the Headies awards, have described his childhood. Making it known that his mum passed away while he was 3 years old, he was brought up by his grandmother who he still refers to as his mother, for the care he was given along with his brother who she cared for.

“I lost my mum when I was three, and I had to transfer to my grandma’s house. She could have said, she had given birth to my mum and four extra boys and neglect us, maybe just take us to our fathers house or the orphanage home”

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“But she took it upon herself to train two extra boys, after retiring from nursing children, that alone means she is my mother regardless the situation”

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Oxlade also spoke about his determination, the extent which he is willing to take care of his mother, his supposed Grandmother.

“And as my mother, I gats hustle to spoil her with lots of money and enjoyment”

Oxlade said
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When he was asked about his Academics, Oxlade made it known that he dropped out of school. He further elaborated that he dropped out of school in his final year, based on a life threatening issue which he would not like to discuss.

“I dropped out in my final year, based on some things that happened at that time, that I wouldn’t like to talk about, which are life threatening.”

He said

The potential Afrobeats singer also mentioned that, to him, dropping out of school seems like a ‘blessing in disguise’ at the end of the day. Because, after he dropped out of school, he had enough time to focus on his career in music.

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“When I left school that year, I had time to focus on my career, my music”

Oxlade opened up on his Headies awards nomination. He clarified that he doesn’t see it as a priority in his career in music, although it is one of those things that motivates you along the line.

Watch the full interview on Oxlade Official instagram TV with BCC. The interview which went on in Pidgin English below for more context.

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