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The Weeknd reveals creepy face in “Save Your Tears” video

The Weeknd reveals creepy face in “Save Your Tears” video

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After the release of “Blinding Lights” in 2020, the song which spent over 43 weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100, charting to the top 5 in 34 weeks long. The longest time logged in the 62 years Billboard history.

The iconic Canadian Singer, The Weeknd have been alot on the internet ever since the release of the video to the song “Blinding Lights.” The video which depicts The Weeknd drunk and driving in to a car crash. The major reasons for his trend was his costumey face wrap in a hospital gauze, through out the entire 2020. This bloodied hospital gauze face wrap seems to be an aftermath of his fictional car crash in the “Blinding Lights” music video.

The Weeknd after blinding lights

While being completely ignored in the Grammy category nominations, despite a thriving year in his career in music. The Weeknd comes out creepy in a new visuals for “Save Your Tears.” The video which reveals a new abnormal face, with protruding cheekbones, and surgically enhanced jawlines. A totally freakout for his fans, who are still wondering what is going on with him.

Watch the controversial “Save Your Tears” video below for more context.

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