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Cardi B says R.I.P to 2020 in new single “Up”: Watch

Cardi B says R.I.P to 2020 in new single “Up”: Watch

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Cardi B has returned with an elevating new song, her debut release for the year 2021. “Up” is a nasty tribute to the year of the pandemic, the year 2020.

After the striking performance as of her previous song with Megan Thee Stallion, “WAP” which topped the Billboard charts within weeks of release. Cardi B has returned with another NSFW song. This time, Cardi is telling her fans to get over with the year 2020 breakdowns.

According to the visuals of the song “Up,” which was released along it’s debut. Cardi B is seen paying a nasty kind of tribute to a the year 2020, while twerking to the depreciated body of man laying on a tomb with the inscriptions “R.I.P” 2020 on it.

Image by Cardi B (Up Cover art)

While announcing the release of the song via social media recently. Cardi B shared the cover art of the song on instagram, with a caption which says;

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Watch the video of the buzzing song below!

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