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Chats with Dj Vlad reveals Juice WRLD was up for rehab before Drug overdose

Chats with Dj Vlad reveals Juice WRLD was up for rehab before Drug overdose

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During a recent conversation between Dj Vlad and Juice WRLD’s records honcho, Lil Bibby. Lil Bibby opened up, disclosing that while Juice WRLD’s drug use was getting out of hand, the late iconic Rapper opted for Rehab before his death over drug overdose.

While the death of Juice WRLD is one of the most painful, in the history of the millennial Rappers. The effects of heavy drug use in today’s hip-hop is at it’s alarming state. Although, it’s said to enhance creativity among Artists, heavy drug use is the main originator of the malignant behaviors, gang wars and probably the death of most of the potential Artists.

During the conversation with Dj Vlad, Lil Bibby disclosed that he had pressed Juice WRLD to sign up for Rehab, prior to his death.

“We already had him signed up for rehab,”

he said

“He agreed to do—because that was like pulling teeth with him.”

He added

While further discussing the matter with Dj Vlad, Lil Bibby also mentioned his reasons for persuading Juice WRLD to opt for rehab. After he had discovered Juice WRLD’s life threatening obsessions.

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“I found out that he was doing four (Percocets at a time). So I get to freaking out. Like ‘What the f-ck.’”

he said

“‘That’s a lot.’ Because all people I know only do at the max one. … And these is the 30s.”

he further stated

Watch the exclusive chat with Dj Vlad below.

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