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Exclusive Chat With Obesere: The pioneer of ultramodern music in Nigeria

Exclusive Chat With Obesere: The pioneer of ultramodern music in Nigeria

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On the 28th of January, 2021, the legendary Nigerian Fuji musician, Obesere celebrated his birthday. During this event, our team at Hypeberg™ visited the legend at his home, to celebrate his coming of age.

Covering an extensive yet exclusive details of his career so far. The music legend discussed with us some detailed events of his life, in our little interesting conversation. Obesere narrated how his early voice of contemporary songs has influenced the Nigerian Millennial pop music of today.

When we asked him how he ventured into music. Obesere stated that he is from the home of music, he inherited music from his parents. Starting far back in primary school with classmates, he never knew that this would be his profession.

“It’s in the blood… And I’ve been doing it since I was in primary school with my classmates”

he said

“Even before I got to know that this was going to be my profession”

he added

Although, he was a traditional musician, his ultramodern style of music, which is well known has inspired major Nigerian hip-hop Artists of today. Speaking of this, Obesere quoted some of the words the Nigerian mainstream Artists had told him, those who he referred to as “his boys.”

“They never knew that they could blend in”

he said

“I must tell the fact, even 2face told me that ‘you are the one that God used for us in the music industry'”

he added

Obesere also cited the popular Yoruba slang of the iconic rapper, Olamide. Where he referred to him, saying that he wants to get super energized like Papa Tosibe (Obesere).

“Have you forgotten about Olamide that said ‘mofe ma ta poun poun bi Papa Tosibe'”

he reiterated

When we asked him about how he felt about the music of today. He responded saying;

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“Even if you’re talking of entertainment in the whole world, Nigeria is number one… Now the world is searching for us.”

The rarest of it’s kind. Obesere’s 18 year old song, “Egungun Be Careful” dominated the Nigerian Pop music scene again. Fitting perfectly into today’s pop culture, the new version of the song features Zlatan. This indicates the powerful prediction of the industry by Obesere. According to a publication by Native Mag,

Just in case you forgot, Obesere did it first. He did all of it first

Native Mag

Obesere’s distinct style of Fuji music, first debuted 1981, sparked a lot of controversies for it’s strange ultramodern tone. The standard which is now the “new normal” today, is deep rooted in the Nigerian Pop Culture.

Watch the exclusive chat below.

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