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Lil Baby pronounces Lil Wayne as the Best Rapper alive

Lil Baby pronounces Lil Wayne as the Best Rapper alive

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Lil Baby as declared Lil Wayne as the best “Rapper of all Time,” during his recent conversation with Complex magazine.

While speaking to Complex on what he thinks of Lil Wayne, in a recent conversation discussing his choice of the “Best Rapper Alive.” Lil Baby hits on his opinion point blank, without a second thought.

“I don’t see nobody better than Lil Wayne, period.”

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Lil Baby and Lil Wayne (image via The Source)

Lil Baby also addressed his previous ordination as the Best Rapper Alive by Complex in 2020. Speaking of his personality and the improvements he is trying to make as an Atlanta based Rapper. Lil Baby said he doesn’t want people to love his music because he is “Lil Baby” and he is rich. He wants his music to be worth the hype as well.

“I didn’t always want to be a rapper. But I’m rapping.”

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But I’m rapping. So if I’m going to be a rapper, my whole thing was, I don’t want people to just f**k with me because I’m Lil Baby and I get money. I really wanted my music to be good,”

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During Lil Baby’s previous collaboration with Lil Wayne, in “I Do It” and “Forever.” Lil Baby also spoke about how Lil Wayne inspired him to rap. In his conversation earlier with XXL, he explained how it felt like listening Lil Wayne’s voice on his track.

“I loved his voice at first and it kinda reminded me of me when I was younger,” he said

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