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Migos rebounds with ‘no hard feelings’ as they set to drop “Culture III”

Migos rebounds with ‘no hard feelings’ as they set to drop “Culture III”

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Migos is bringing back the highly anticipated sequel to their signature series, the third version of the original “Culture” album.

While celebrating the fourth anniversary of the original “Culture.” The Migos group announced that a new sequel to the album will be dropping in not more than a month and half. Speaking of the debut, Quavo revealed that the project is ready, and scheduled for release in the next 45 days.

“It’s coming real soon, less than a month-and-a-half,”

he announced

During the timeframe of preparing this highly awaited studio project, The Migos group has shared some studio sessions they had together. Revealing how it feels like to be back together once again. On deck, working furiously for something, Quavo stated that ‘it’s time to get everything squared away’ with no bad feelings.

“It’s time for us to crack down and bond and know about our business, and it’s time to get everything squared away, no bad feelings, no hard feelings nowhere.”

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Quavo said

Quavo also mentioned what seems to be the motive behind their regroup. Revealing that the iconic team is ready to start from scratch, all over again.

“We’re just young men and just try’na grow. Right now, we’re at a point in our life where we’re allowed to sit down and get that, so we can build and start from scratch all over again while we’re moving.”

He added
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