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Certified Lover Boy: Drake Unlocks Three New Songs

Certified Lover Boy: Drake Unlocks Three New Songs

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Following the postponement of the highly anticipated “Certified Lover Boy” album, while he heals from a surgery due to fracture. Drake has unlocked a new pack of 3 songs on Friday, March 5. In a bid to bolster the long anticipation of the Drizzy fans, while patiently waiting for the release of the “CLB” collection.

A sneak peek to what we should expect from the forthcoming “Certified Lover Boy” album. The surprise release which he labelled “Scary Hours 2” features three songs titled “What’s Next,” “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” featuring the iconic rapper, Rick Ross and “Wants and Needs” featuring Lil Baby.

Unannounced until Thursday morning, 24 hours before the debut. The announcement which comes as a total surprise to fans, “Scary Hours 2” is the sequel to his Scary Hours bundle which he had released earlier in 2018. The earlier Scary Hours pack sees the debut of some charts topping songs, including “God’s Plan” which also appeared on the Scorpio album, and “Diplomatic Immunity,”

Preview the songs from Drake‘s Scary Hours 2 pack below!

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  1. “What’s Next”
  2. “Wants and Needs” featuring Lil Baby
  3. “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” featuring Rick Ross

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