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Skepta x Nike for “SK Air” celebrating Air Max day

Skepta x Nike for “SK Air” celebrating Air Max day

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A new Skepta x Nike collaboration has surfaced, marking one of the numerous collaborations with the British-Nigerian rapper. The Nike x Skepta “SK Air,” scheduled for release in April 2, 2021 was unveiled in celebration of the Air Max day.

First released in 2017, The new Nike SK Air features a neon blue upper with a static-like pattern. An imitation of the natural patterns from the iconic neon blue butterfly, the Menelaus blue morpho. The 2021 Nike x Skepta “SK Air” celebrates freedom in elegance.

On the occasion of the Air Max Day 2021 , we decided to deepen one of the Nike projects that best managed to photograph the various facets of street culture, as well as give us silhouettes that we will hardly forget, the collaboration with Skepta.
Originally released in 2017 and in several editions in subsequent years, the Nike Air Max “Skepta” represent one of the most iconic collaborations ever between a celebrity and a brand.

Joseph Junior Adenuga, known professionally as Skepta, was born on 19 September 1982 in Tottenham, a district in north London. He is a British-Nigerian rapper, songwriter and producer, whose taste for both music and fashion has led him to create some of the most iconic collaborations of the last five years.

With the arrival of success, Skepta began collaborating with Nike turning their passion for the Air Max into a unique collaboration.

An official preview video was released via Skepta’s Instagram page. Showcasing the well anticipated rebranding of the Nike x Skepta SK Air Logo in a dark room filled with neon green caterpillars and blue butterflies.

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Expected to be released via the Nike official website and other Nike affiliates, The Nike x Skepta “SK Air” sneakers will be released globally in April 2, 2021. Preview official images of the sneakers in the gallery above.

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