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Teezee reinforces the sensation of alté in new track “Guala”

Teezee reinforces the sensation of alté in new track “Guala”

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Pioneering the Nigerian alté scene, Teni Zaccheaus JR, professional known as Teezee has created a new spectrum of irresistible sound. The sensation which was reinforced in his latest song, “Guala.”

Featuring Maison2500 and New World Ray, Teezee blends the drip of his hometown, Lagos into rap infused Trap Alternative music. Tunes which creates an imagery of his immediate environment,

“Thirty degrees/
Blow tha trees/
Straight from Gidi”

Produced by Genio Bambino, the song, “Guala” is an intuitive yet arduous song of unapologetic self expression, laced with the exuberance of an Urban lifestyle. Teezee, also known as the Fresh Prince of LasGidi (an modern/informal name for Lagos) reiterates his status in the song, chanting;

“Gimme that doe/ Gimme that Guala,
Gimme that money/ Gimme that raba,
Ices on me…”

Teezee, Maison2500 & New World Ray (image by @ibrosnaps)

Having lived most of his life as a teen between Lagos and London, Teezee has a rare taste in music. A global perspective, the thirst which birthed the DRB music group. A collection of independent Artists who are bounded by a goal, the pioneers of alternative music in Nigeria.

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“…at the end of the day, as comfortable as I could have been in London, I’m not from there. I’m from Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a KING where I am from”

Preview the song by Teezee, “Guala” featuring Maison2500 and New World Ray below on Spotify. Listen to the song other music platforms.

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