THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL x monkey time redesigned classic 65/35 Mountain Parka

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The North Face Japan has collaborated with monkey time, bringing back a whole new face to some of it’s iconic old-school set of outerwear.

While The North Face Japan branch, popularly known as THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL is one of it’s most recognized branches around the world. The branch operated by Goldwin, controls a large base of ready retailers with unconventional items perennially.

This year, monkey time has collaborated with THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL to bring back two sets of it’s iconic retro outerwear. A collection for it’s Spring/Summer 2021 release, the stock to be taken by the UNITED ARROWS imprint.

The return of the 65/35 Mountain Parka Jackets, the collaborative efforts of monkey time and THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL is a tribute to the N-2B military parka. The Jackets reinvented in contrasting Black and White stitches and light gray, oversized buttons and extensive pockets, accompanied by an adjustable hood. The Materials are made from TNFPL’s signature Bay Head lightweight cottons cloth.

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The new 65/35 Mountain Parka is priced at ¥35,200 JPY (Approx. $330 USD). Available for pre-order via the UNITED ARROWS Official store.

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