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Casablanca© sets for summer with Monogram Surfboards and Swimwear

Casablanca© sets for summer with Monogram Surfboards and Swimwear

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  • Exotic Surfboards and Swimwear adorned with Monogram and Laurel designs.
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Casablanca brand has unvield a new set of exotic Surfboards, accompanied by Swimwear of finest materials. The materials manufactured by the world renowned French-Moroccan shaper, Thierry André in Biarritz France. The new drop comes as a second batch of it’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

The French Luxury brand has epitomized it’s rich culture, themed for the warmer months coming. Though, fresh off the scene, Casablanca® has woven a taste of cross-seasonal luxury into it’s brand. The drop which features it’s exclusive summer themed poolside essentials, and an exotic set of two bespoke surfboards adorned with the Casablanca Monogram designs.

The Charaf Tajer owned luxury brand also took it’s time to showcase it’s fine material Swimwear, crafted solely for comfort. A grasp of freshness for the warmer months.

“After The Rain Comes The Rainbow,”

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Designed by Charaf Tajer, the exclusive Surfboards are adorned with the Monogram and Laurel designs. The Drop 2 of the Casablanca® Spring/Summer 2021 collection sees it’s debut on Friday 9th, April 2021 via the Casablanca official web store. The exclusive Surfboards are listed for approximately $3,950 USD.

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