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J. Cole Debuts new song “Interlude” from ‘The Off-Season’ album

J. Cole Debuts new song “Interlude” from ‘The Off-Season’ album

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  • J. Cole has announced a new single, a snippet to the highly anticipated 'The Off-Season' album.
  • 'The Off-Season' album serves as a celebration of the 14-year anniversary of his debut mixtape, "The Come Up"

J. Cole has returned with a brand new single, the song dubbed “Interlude” which serves as a snippet to his forthcoming studio project, ‘The Off-Season’ album.

“Told myself I would drop the album all at once. Sometimes you gotta say fuck it tho.”

He said, while sharing the cover art in the introduction of the new song via his twitter page yesterday, 6:31 PM, May 6, 2021.

After a long disappearance, J. Cole has returned with what seems to be the right item to quench the thirst of his die-hard fans. With popular demand, J. Cole teased the release of the ‘The Off-Season’ album a few days ago, the announcement gained lots of tractions than J. Cole himself probably expected.

Just yesterday, Real decided to break his own rules, after he had previously promised to release the all album at once. As he announced that he was going to drop the track “Interlude” by 12 o’clock, off the Off-Season collection.

Lines from the “Interlude” lyrics had J. Cole liken Nipsey Hussle and Pimp C to Christ, reiterating them as the Messiah of rap music.

“Christ went to heaven at age 33, so did Pimp C and so did Nipsey”

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As a celebration of the 14-year anniversary of his debut mixtape, “The Come Up.” J. Cole announced the new album was made as an offering to his years in the making. With an abstract effect, the cover art of both the song and the album looks identical. The only difference is that the cover art of “Interlude” was taken adjacent his position in the cover art of ‘The Off-Season’ album. Backing the initial burning basketball hoop which created a silohuete effect. Probably a symbolism of the juxtaposition of the current state of his career which he had once referred to as the “fire that was once dying out.”

Preview the song below, click here to stream the song across streaming platforms.

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