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Oakley unveils new futuristic frameless eyewear “Kato”

Oakley unveils new futuristic frameless eyewear “Kato”

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  • Oakley Brand introduces new frameless eyewear "Kato Series," a simulation of futurism in athletics.
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Oakley, the frontline eyewear Brand founded in California has returned with the progression of it’s series of highly coveted optical lenses, built of technical futuristic designs.

Having gained credibility for itself through improvised designs and brand collaborations in the past. Oakley debuts Kato in a bid to bring flexibility and enhanced performance to sports. The multiple athlete-tested frameless eyewear features adjustable rake system and multiple nosepads built to sit with a structured fit.

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While researching a design that would bringing utility into aesthetics, Oakley presented a prototype of the Kato eyewear to a selected set of high-profile professional athletes. Some of the athletes including Mark Cavendish, Joseph Newgarden, Patrick Mahomes and Nigel Sylvester made a test use of the effectivity and comfortability of the innovative designs of the eyewear.

“Our pursuit for the new and unimagined has taken on many forms in the brand’s history and the latest is Oakley Kato. Today represents more than just the release of a new product, it’s a moment to remind ourselves that anything is possible, that superheroes are not just found in comic books, but in real life and we can all aspire to be better than we ever imagined.”

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Caio Amato,Oakley’s Brand Director said in a speech.

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