Go Skate NG: The Collective Unifying Nigerian Youths through Skate Culture

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If you have been paying attention, you should know that the growth of the Street Culture in West Africa have been on the rise in the recent years. Especially among Skaters, the society which witnessed a surge after the pandemic, when more people decided to pick up their skateboards.

Thanks to Skate Collectives and Individuals who have been sharing the gospel, educating people on the benefits of Skateboarding and how it can help build a better society. Meet Lukman Abdulrahman, Skateboarder and a self acclaimed Samurai, the Founder and Creative Director of “Go Skate Nigeria.”

Lukman Abdulrahman, Founder/Creative Director of Go Skate Nigeria

Founded in 2013, Go Skate Nigeria is a fast growing community of Young Nigerian Skaters. A group of diverse youths dispersed all over the country who are united through skateboarding.

The Skate collective, widely known for activism, raising awareness of social disservice and a medium for diverse unification amongst Nigerian youths has created a hallmark appearance in West Africa’s skate culture. Providing insights to the world of this fast growing Nigerian Skateboarders society, we had a conversation with Founder Lukman Abdulrahman. Discussing the mission of Go Skate Nigeria and how far he had gone with it.

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You might want to share with us how it all started.

It started out as just trying to find other skaters, found them dispersed all over the country, now it just seems to be growing at an alarming rate.

Your mission for skating in Nigeria and how far you’ve gone with it?

Trying to get more people to pick up skateboarding, while educating them on the benefits of skateboarding and how it can help us build a better society.

It really just started from trying to find other skaters, turns out there were many interested. It’s growing really fast. We’ve built a few DIY spots.

Well we’re trying to get a skatepark built out here. I think that’s pretty big.

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According to you, what are the benefits of skateboarding and how do you think it can help build a better society particularly in Nigeria?

I think a lot of people conflate ‘education’ with the classroom/schools. To me skateboarding is just as important as school.

Spacial learning, learning in a solitary way, learning in a social way, these are just as important. Not to mention the kids out there with ADD, who are automatically called ‘stupid’ cuz they couldn’t learn at the same pace.

Skateboarding is a sort of release for these kids, it gives them somewhere to hyper focus their attention. Not to mention the health benefits of skateboarding.

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