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Exclusive: Fabulous Pizzy and the “Lonso Sound” Discovery

Exclusive: Fabulous Pizzy and the “Lonso Sound” Discovery

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  • Fabulous Pizzy has created for himself and undying sound, a masterpiece of an Instant Hit.

He is the guy with the poisonous voice and he is fabulous indeed! In 2013, his first official single, “So Fun Won”, turned the whole city of Ibadan around and ever since then, Opeyemi Awoyemi, fondly called Fabulous Pizzy, has become a force to reckon with as far as music is concerned in Ibadan. Moving forward, he exported his music to other parts of Nigeria and keeps waxing stronger with his ‘Lonso Sound’. He speaks with Olakunle Taiwo and Adeleye Matthew on how he started his career, what inspired the ‘So fun won’ hit track, among others.

How Did You Start Music?

Music has always been part of my life. I was born into a home where good music is always being played. However, I started playing music in the church choir at 8, but I knew I had something to do with music when I lost my Mum at 13.

Fast forward to 2003, I started a music group with my friend then, and that was the beginning of everything. I met the talented music producer, TPIANO, in 2005, and he was the one that worked on me to becoming a professional. He then helped me decide if I was making it a career or not. But then, I so much loved music so it wasn’t a debate if it was what I wanted to do. I recorded many songs; went to different shows; underwent trainings, then we started professionally in 2010. Back then, I worked with amazing people but I finally dropped my first track in 2013 entitled ‘So Fun Won’ and from then till now, it has been an amazing journey.

Where Did You Get The Name Fabulous Pizzy ?

My real name is Opeyemi. Like every other young boy then, you would want to give yourself a nickname, so mine was easy for me to do. From Opeyemi to Opizy; Opizy became Pizzy and after a long time of going through, it was obvious that Pizzy became Fabulous, So, I added Fabulous to Pizzy.

How Then Did You Come About ‘Lonso Sound’?

After learning from almost every artist that I have listened to, I was able to create what I wanted to sound like and working on it was all I needed to do. After a few years, I knew I was sounding my way and not like anybody.

What are the major inspirations to your music?
Most of all is God, then everything around me. My songs are created from things I see, how I feel, what I believe and how I view things.

What inspired the “So Fun Won” hit track?

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So fun won is a blessing because it came when I needed to be sure if this was my calling. I wrote the chorus back in 2009 at one of my friend’s house. I remember I was cleaning my closet when that line came. “So fun won pe kan ma bimi”, and that was it . I recorded it first in 2009 with T Piano, but I knew it wasn’t perfect then. So after two years, we reworked it and it became a hit from that night at T PIANO’s studio back then at Orita challenge. I released it officially as my first project and that was how I became that ‘so fun won guy’.

If you could choose another career asides music, what would it be?

A business man!

Without context, Fabulous Pizzy is one of the biggest West African music export rediscovering the native sounds. Starting from his crowded fanbase in the city of Ibadan to the Global scene, every bit of his songs isn’t left unchecked.

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